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We're At Your Service.

Ross Technical Service, Inc. offers a wide range of solutions to meet your unique project goals. We have provided Baltimore City and our clients with over 26 years of dedicated service. 

Water and Wastewater Services

We specialize in providing water and waste water services; start-up operations, close out services, operator training, day-to-day operations, as well as creating standard operating manuals, all provided by licensed operators and superintendent. 

Construction management and Assistance

Ross Technical Service's has over 26 years of experience working in Baltimore City and the surrounding area's. 

Experienced Field Technicians 

Offering a variety of field technician services including; Flow Monitoring, Conduit, and Valve & Fire Hydrant Exercising

Licensed Inspection Services

Scheduling and coordinating inspection time with BGE as well as various other entities to ensure, the required inspections are completed on schedule.

We excel in providing experienced, trustworthy project support for the success of our clients 

Solutions to meet your project's needs.

Providing Expert Service to Baltimore and the Surrounding Area


"...experience and knowledge related to wastewater industry is extremely useful and makes for the perfect fit to our project inspection staff"


"Makes sure the CM 14 database is up to date daily. He has developed and maintains a "takeoff" program that is used to calculate unit price items for payment to check on filled inspectors calculations."


"...maintains good working relationships and builds trust with the contractor. Communication is one of their many strengths..." 
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